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Carmakers want to maximize the car's value for its next sale, and that means spending as little as possible for reconditioning. You're coming to the end of your car lease and it suddenly occurs to you: Will you get charged for all those dings, dents and upholstery stains? Is there anything you can do to offset these lease-return charges? You probably want to know where the line between normal and excess wear and tear fall. Here are our steps to assuring a seamless return process without surprises.

1. Set up an Inspection
The Lease-End process begins up to 90 days before your vehicle maturity date. Your first step is to call the financial institution (Lessor) you’re leasing through and ask for an inspection. They will give you the available dates of inspection and you must provide them with a convenient address (this is usually your home or place of business).

2. Prepare for the Inspection
It’s always a good idea to present your vehicle in its best light. You don’t necessarily need a full detailing but removing all of your personal items and having it washed is recommended. If your vehicle has light scratches they can sometimes be eliminated by a thorough detailing. If it’s a deep scratch, and you are pretty sure that you will be charged for it, we can get rid of them with our paint touch-up service. If your car has dents, we can easily take care of them with our paintless dent remover service.

3. A second chance
If you have an initial inspection and the manufacturer is charging for repairs you now have the option to accept these charges if it’s a reasonable amount or to have them repaired. Our bodywork professionals can have your vehicle repaired and ready for turn-in in a matter of days.

4. Parting gifts can be very expensive
All new vehicles come with at least two keys and an owner’s manual but in some cases they also include items such as all-weather floor mats, wheel locks or a first aid kit. A good rule to follow is, if you did not purchase these items on your own you should return them with the vehicle. Otherwise, you risk being charged for that item in full.

This may seem overwhelming but Infinite Auto Leasing is here to help! Just fill out this form below and we'll take care of the entire process.

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