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  • Volodymyr T.

    Volodymyr T.

    After visiting several dealerships and receiving "since you are still shopping, we are not comfortable giving you a final quote" answers, I'd decided to try a leasing company.  Within several hours after my initial conversation with Eugene from Infinite Auto Leasing, I've got a quote that felt very reasonable.
    There was a small problem with the car I selected and Eugene spent almost a whole day with me in a dealership until I was able to get replacement.  He was courteous, patient and straightforward with me.
    I'm absolutely happy with my car as well as with the service Infinite Auto Leasing provided!
  • Sayed R.

    Sayed R.

    I had an experience like none other while being helped by Ray. He was very patient, informative, and refreshingly honest. He also wasn't the least bit pushy, totally went by my pace. I paired up with one of my friends and got two cars from him. His service was genuinely exceptional towards both of us, and Ray definitely set the bar high. I highly recommend you ask for Ray if you're looking for a pleasant drama-free customer experience.
  • S C.

    S C.

    Working with Dan Shapiro at Infinite was the easiest car buying process I've ever experienced. He offered me the best price and there was no haggling or trying to oversell me anything like they do at a typical car dealership which is always stressful. One piece of advice I will give is do your research on the car you want before you call him, as he will give you his best price and if you don't do your homework you won't understand that he really is giving you best price. Once you agree to everything, everything moves forward pretty quickly and it's a very easy and painless process. Dan answered all my questions no problem. I have already recommended him to all my friends and family when they are interested in buying a new car.
  • Vitaliy K.

    Vitaliy K.

    Keeping in mind all my twelve cars during the last 25 years - this is my best experience with the salesman. And his name is George.
    Politeness, technical knowledge, professional approach making him one of the best salesperson in this company. I would highly recommend this auto leasing company and specifically George for everyone who thinks about new car!
  • I M.

    I M.

    I've had the honor of driving a fair amount of lux cars in my day and without a doubt this was the absolute best car buying experience I've had! Greg Schrumpf was the most transparent, honest and genuine salesman I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He organized the purchase of the car while I was on set in L.A., met him and the car for the first time in Jersey, had shipping to S.C. already in place for the next day when I arrived! Phenomenal!!! He's a man who knows cars and I'll never forget what he told me about this one...'Ish, I've sold a lot of cars...but this one is special'. Greg, you were absolutely correct my friend!!!
  • Ashira N.

    Ashira N.

    I've been leasing cars for many years and this lease I was shopping around a bit due to pricing and I was given Boris's number at Infinite Leasing and he made the process quick easy and painless and had the best pricing from the other lease companies. Everything was done over the phone I only had to come in to swap cars and that was fast and easy never had to wait for a long time for any call backs. I would 100% recommend this company for anyone who is looking to lease a car.
  • Eulises R.

    Eulises R.

    HFirst I have to say you must see Eugene. I have always went to the dealers Eugene was recommended to me. He gave me an unbeatable price. I went two four dealers they all laughed at me and told me good luck you will never get that car for that price. Well let me tell you something Eugene and Infinite auto leasing did what they said. Very fast no haggling the price he to me in the beginning was the price I paid when I signed the paperwork. I hands down would recommended him to anyone I know I still can't believe how easy it was. I was practically dared to get the price I was asking. Now I can't wait to go back and laugh at the dealers I visited. I never write reviews but I had to share my experience this time.
  • Katherine L.

    Katherine L.

    My family, friends and I have worked with Dmitry for many many years now and he never disappoints. Quick to respond, the best deals and legitimately ALWAYS the easiest and most seamless experience. The best customer service and makes the leasing process incredibly stress-free and easy. Will not use anyone else - they are the absolute best - can't rave enough about it.
  • Christina F.

    Christina F.

    Great service!! Unbeaten prices, I literally checked prices everywhere else and nothing compared to American Auto! I went to Dimitri since he was recommended to me by a friend of mine, he is a great guy with great deals! The whole company worked with me as a whole which made me feel like I was their top priority.
  • Yelena Z.

    Yelena Z.

    I got my 5th Infiniti !!! I have a lot of experience dealing with dealerships. I can tell that this time it was the easiest and the most pleasant one. It took 5min for Dmitry Lev to give me the price that beat the previous 4 offers I already had. I returned the car with no hassle, no necessity to schedule the inspection to determine the damages. By the way I tried to call Infiniti financial and they gave me hard time as inspector was available in two weeks and I would have to wait for him half a day. Dmitry was wonderful! He took care of everything (changed plates numbers, attached e-z pass, showed me how to use new features on the car.
  • Aleksey F.

    Aleksey F.

    The lease on my car was about to end. Igor Lev at Infinite reached out to tell me that there are some great end of year leases on the car that I want. I told him the general specifications I wanted in the car and he took care of the rest. He went above and beyond by sending me various models and prices that were available. I must have changed my mind on what I wanted at least 4-5 times and yet, he kept his cool and did it all with a smile. I know that some car buying experiences are aggravating but Igor Lev @ Infinite made this car buying experience the best. He is a true professional at what he does.
    I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you again for my 2018 BMW x5.
  • Gabe G.

    Gabe G.

    I've been leasing cars for over 25 years and this was by far the easiest experience I ever had.  A couple of emails and a phone call was all that was needed.  Best prices and best service.  Thank you, Dmitry Lev, for taking care of my lease!
  • Steven A.

    Steven A.

    Dealt with Eugene he was great and helped find me the car I wanted when all the dealers told me I had to special order it. They were honest and upfront.  I highly recommend giving them a call on your next lease.
  • Ricardo L.

    Ricardo L.

    Tired of subjecting yourself to countless hours of haggling when shopping for a new car? You enjoy the heavy & aggressive selling tactics employed when the vultures attack the moment you step foot in a showroom? I didn't think so. This time around I simply did the following.. I walked into 3 showrooms and immediately conveyed what I wanted. Didn't spend more than 30 minutes at each place and told them 1: what car and trim I was looking for 2: what I was willing to put down out of pocket 3: where I wanted my monthly payments to be. Then I called Boris at Infinite Auto Leasing. To be fully transparent.. I didn't know who Boris was. But a friend of mine recommended I reach out to him bc he knew I was looking to lease a new vehicle. Boris was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and best of all... offered me the best deal out of anyone. Here's the best part.. there was no haggling involved, no spending 3 hours at a dealership, and get this.. (fasten your seatbelt) - he arranged for my new car to be delivered directly to my home. It was as simple as that. I was in my flip flops when I met the person who delivered my car and gave him the vehicle I was returning. Did I fail to mention that part too? Well.. yes.. Boris also took care of arranging the return of my expiring lease. So Boris has now been added to my year-end holiday card list.. and I'm letting all my family and friends know who to call next time they want to lease a new vehicle. Thanks Infinite Auto Leasing! And thank you Boris! We'll be in touch in 36 short months.
  • Lisa M.

    Lisa M.

    Okay this was the simplest, most enjoyable car buying experience of my life.  Every time I bought a car no matter how cheap or expensive I spent hours in the dealership.  I gave Boris all of my info via text and phone told him what I wanted the car was there waiting for me.  I spent approximately 15 minutes at Infinite Auto signed some papers and I was off in my new Jaguar E Pace.  The best part is it was several hundred dollars $$$ below what other dealers offered!!!  Boris is the best!
  • Kristina S.

    Kristina S.

    Be sure to ask for Danny if you want the most seamless and easy experience . I live in New Jersey, I was able to pick out a car and discuss the details through phone and email. Incredibly convenient because it's such a schlep from NJ. Came into the office when it was time to sign and pick up my new Honda Civic. Couldn't be happier and will definitely be back !
  • Sheryl C.

    Sheryl C.

    Infinite auto leasing is an extremely easy leasing company to work with, in particular Boris. This is my second lease with them and it's has been incredibly painless and quick. Everything was done for me and all I had to do was get the car which they even offered to drop off. I highly recommend using them for good cars, professional interactions and pleasant experience. Ask for boris, you won't be disappointed.
  • Valerie L.

    Valerie L.

    George was great! Very attentive and knowledgeable! Great customer service! Great prices!
    Although I didn't get the car from them due to limited stock because I took too long to settle. They were very accommodating and understanding!
  • Joseph T.

    Joseph T.

    Great service!! Unbeaten prices, I literally checked prices everywhere else and nothing compared to Infinite! I went to Alex since he was recommended to me by a friend of mine, he is a great guy with great deals!

    If you want to lease a car and get the best price, go to Alex!
  • Nathan M.

    Nathan M.

    I could not be happier with my experience. Boris was so helpful and got me a great deal on an Acura RDX. He litterally took care of everything from transferring my insurance, registration, great deal on trade in, showed me how to use the technology in the car and when I got to the office to sign the papers I was in and out in 20 minutes. I would recommend Boris and Infinite Leasing to anybody who wants a no hassle professional experience. I will definitely be back when this lease expires
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