Lamborghini Aventador Catches Fire

Seeing a Lamborghini Aventador around New York City is a rare enough sight. And considering the plethora of YouTube videos in the wild showing Lamborghinis on fire, there should be little surprise when a video of an Aventador on fire would eventually surface.

Granted, this isn’t the first Lamborghini Aventador to go aflame. You can spend hours falling down the Lamborghini rabbit hole. However, what makes this one particularly painful (or enjoyable) is the driver’s eagerness to show off his new supercar by revving the V-12 engine sitting midship.

A few poppy revs and the first inkling of flames can be seen gushing from the exhaust as if the rear fascia was covered in some flammable material. The spreading flames dissipate, but an area just below the taillight still burned, apparently not giving up at life.

Unbeknownst to the drive, he continues to rev his engine without a care in the world as the car behind him begins shouting and honking its horn, trying to warn the driver, who continues to rev his engine, the fire slowly spreading.

The car behind the Lamborghini Aventador continues to try and get the driver’s attention to no avail, as the Aventador drives away, flames still licking out from underneath the taillight.

The video then cuts to the roadster, flames pouring out of the back. Smoke is billowing skyward as the car pops and crackles into a pile of scrap. You can see the driver standing by the side of the road, watching his supercar go up in flames. It’s kind of sad, really.

Granted, he can afford an Aventador, so while the loss may be upsetting, he’s certainly not hurting in the world. We bet he’s already replaced it. Same specs and color. This time, though, he’s a little bit more cautious with those revs. They could cost him more than just a few bucks at the pump.

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